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* Great choice of domain and global brand for any real estate company with a primary focus on a worldwide audience. 

* Memorable, short, clean, and keyword-rich domain name.

* Playful game with words, similar to "United States".

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* United.Estate has a yearly renewal fee of $25.


* Large ROI potential - the value of this domain will only grow in the future.

* Top semantic meaning.

* Proven and clean history of ownership.

* Geo neutral - can be used worldwide.

* No available alternatives at domain space - this name is unique in its category.


* Meaningful and innovative domain name. Name like this will greatly improve the click-through rate of your adds and posts in social media, search results, and your marketing campaigns, thus growing leads into your website and boosting your sales.

* This name can be seamlessly plugged in social media posts and comments while creating automatic links to your website. This is a powerful and innovative way how to generate more leads for your business, with almost zero additional costs.

* Very easy for your clients to remember – instantly, and on first hearing.

* This name passes domain Radio test. Your customers will easily visit your website after they hear it from friends, on phone or via radio.

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